Invest Northern Adelaide

Region at a glance


Strategic Location...

  • $31 billion in investment underway
  • Access to major rail, road and sea freight infrastructure
  • Home to global businesses

 Northern Adelaide is on the fringe of South Australia's central business district. Its record in jobs and economic growth has exceeded the states averages in the past two decades.

This high level of growth will continue to be stimulated with over $31 billion major projects by defence advanced manufacturing, health, education and construction industries.



With access to major transport infrastructure including rail and sea freight, Northern Adelaide is an efficient location to move freight and has become a location of choice for logistics.

Many global businesses have made the investment already, creating a well-developed industry base and excellent opportunities to participate in internationally focused supply chains.


Growth and prosperity

  • One of Australia's fastest growing regions
  • Fastest population growth in the state
  • Diverse economy

Northern Adelaide remains one of Australia's fastest growing regions and is the heart beat of economic growth for South Australia, backed by over $31 billion in major investments which are either being undertaken or pending.

With a population of 295,000 which is expected to grow to 470,000 within the next 30 years it is providing business opportunities and access to skilled workforce that provides certainty for your investment.

Unprecedented residential and commercial growth can be seen across the whole region with a number of multi-million housing and commercial projects throughout the region.


Northern Adelaide is an established defence hub. South Australia is awarded approximately 30% of Australia's Defence Budget. Northern Adelaide capture the majority of this. Source: DefenceSA

But beyond defence the region’s diverse economy boasts strengths in manufacturing, ICT, and food production provides a sound foundation for other industries looking to invest in the region.



Industrial Strength

  • Home to 60 multinational organisations
  • Essential supply chains
  • Gateway for supply to Mining Projects

As the state’s most productive manufacturing region, Northern Adelaide is South Australia's major industrial and economic base. Industrial strength has a foundation in defence, advance manufacturing, electronics, automotive and information and communication technologies provide a strong industry base. Many global well known brands are located in Northern Adelaide with over 60 multinational organisations. Its clear Northern Adelaide is a natural location for business.

Northern Adelaide is a logical base for mining service and supply businesses to capture the opportunities of the states burgeoning mining industry. The benefits of locating in the north include proximity to the Ian Wark Institute, skilled workforce and existing industry capacity.

Emerging industries such as cleantech and knowledge intensive industries are positioning the state and region for strong economic growth in the coming years.


Property, Land and Construction Costs

  • Most affordable industrial land
  • Close to Adelaide central business district
  • Supportive road and rail infrastructure

From 20mins from the CBD yet it has some of the most affordable industrial land, commercial office and factory space.

Outer Northern Adelaide land that is less than <5,000m2 is 60% cheaper than Greater Adelaide average.

Average Prime Rent in outer north is $72/m2 net and 26% cheaper than Greater Adelaide average.

According to KPMG's 2014 Competitive Alternatives Report Adelaide is among the least second least costly city to set up and do business in Australia.

Couple this with the infrastructure in place and the forecasted growth, Northern Adelaide makes for a very attractive investment location.


Competitive Business Costs

  • Competitive against other major Australian cities

Strategically located, Northern Adelaide offers the best value industrial land and cost competitive leasing and access to major infrastructure. Comparing significant business costs of salaries, transport, tax and fuel the northern region fares more favourable than our Melbourne and Sydney counterparts.


Labour Supply and Cost

  • Comprehensive education systems in place
  • Population of 295,000 with strong growth projections

Labour costs are highly competitive, with wages generally below the national average for employees of comparable skills (compensated for by generally lower living costs). The region has a versatile and relatively young population profile compared with the states average.

Whether your business is labor intensive or knowledge intensive Northern Adelaide provides a flexible, skilled and educated workforce.

Firms that invest in Northern Adelaide have access to a flexible workforce with access to a very accessible road and public transport infrastructure network. Additionally many of Northern Adelaide education institutions are the forefront in delivering industry responsive education programs.

South Australia has one of the best industrial relations environments.


Solid Infrastructure and Transport Links

  • Major freight rail intermodal
  • Close proximity to port of Adelaide for export
  • Major road and rail infrastructure
  • International airport

Northern Adelaide is just 30 minutes away from Adelaide's International Airport and 20 minutes north of Adelaide's central business district. The port of Adelaide serves the states export focused industries and is within 15 minutes of the Adelaide-Darwin rail exchange providing a local and efficient means of moving freight.

This is supported by national freight company SCT’s recently established major freight rail intermodal at Edinburgh Parks that is already attracting like businesses.

Industrial grade roads link all parts of Australia to Northern Adelaide. Further infrastructure upgrades are currently being undertaking to provide even better accessibility to the port of Adelaide and Adelaide International Airport.


Supportive Business Environment

  • Dedicated Council Economic Development teams
  • Strong regional focus with government agencies

Northern Adelaide has Councils that are committed to assisting businesses to relocate and expand. Dedicated Economic Development teams are able to provide practical support including information on major projects, infrastructure relevant government programs and introductions with local industry networks and key players.


With strong established relationships with government agencies council staff can build on your business case to invest or expand in Northern Adelaide every step of the way.